Inobitec DICOM Viewer

3.5. "Select Model Point" Tool

The Select model point PIC tool is available on the toolbar in the Volume reconstruction and MPR reconstruction tabs. In the MPR reconstruction tab, the tool becomes available when the 3D view mode is chosen. Besides, the tool is available in the Volume section of the main menu of the Volume reconstruction tab.

Activate the Select model point PIC tool by clicking the left/right/middle mouse button. To continue work with this tool, use the button with which the tool was activated. To learn more about tool control, see Section 1.14.

Mouse over the volume model and choose a point. The point of intersection of the cutting planes in the MPR Reconstruction windows is moved to the specified point on the volume model. The point specified may be used as the initial point for measuring and editing the model volume.

PIC Attention! For more precise choice of the point on the volume model, provide the correct value of the opacity threshold for the "Render settings" tool (see Section 3.14).