Inobitec DICOM Viewer

2.10. View Multiple Images in the Same Series Simultaneously

To select the mode for viewing images of the same study, right-click on the image to open context menu, select the Image arrangement... item, and then select one of the displaying modes. In general, they are similar to the modes for displaying series.

Image displaying modes:

Fig. 2.16 illustrates a 3x2 grid.

Multiple series may be displayed on the screen simultaneously, and each series window may contain multiple images. In Fig. 2.17, three series windows are open, the first one displays a single image, the second contains a 2x2 grid, and the third shows a 4x4 grid.

To set default viewing images modes for series of different modalities, add settings for these modalities (see Section 16.7.1). Use only English letters to specify modality. The modality designation should coincide with the designation on the icon of the series (Fig. 2.18).