Inobitec DICOM Viewer

5.18. Reslice


Functionality is available in the Pro edition

The reslice functionality allows you to export the series generated in the multiplanar reconstruction window, setting the area, size, step images and other parameters.

PIC The MPR window doesn’t show the source data, it shows 3D structure slices. That is why tweening errors may occur. To avoid tweening errors, when creating a series, you should use the MPR reconstruction based on the series obtained from the modality, rather than the series that was created before.

To reslice:

  1. Select the plane whose sections should be exported to the series. To do this, click the left mouse button on the corresponding window.

  2. Open the image export window by clicking on the Reslice PIC button. The window will look as shown in Fig. 5.26.

  3. Enter the series description in the dialog shown in Fig. 5.27.

  4. Set the step to generate images in the series.

  5. Set the images number.

  6. If you need to load the exported images to the DICOM server at once, check the option Upload image to the default server. If the default server is not specified in the DICOM Viewer, this option will be inactive.

  7. To set additional parameters for the series, click on the ADVANCED... button. The dialog box with additional parameters is shown in Fig. 5.28.

    If you want the reconstruction mode and the slice thickness to be taken into account while capturing images, check the Use MIP settings box. For details on reconstruction modes, see Section 5.13.1.

  8. Set the image size if necessary.

  9. The image area that is to be exported is highlighted by a white frame positioned symmetrically with respect to the intersection point of the cutting planes. To resize the area, drag the white frame, holding the left mouse button.

  10. To rotate the reslice area, rotate the cutting planes. The cutting planes are described in Section 5.5.2.

  11. The other two planes display projections of the exported slices. If necessary, move or rotate them in the same way.

  12. Click OK to export the series or CANCEL to cancel.

This tool is also available from the MPR main menu item.

The Reslice PIC button is not available for the Involute and Curve slices windows in the MPR reconstruction tab.