Inobitec DICOM Viewer

4.2. Merge Series from Different Studies


Functionality is available in the Pro edition

To merge series from different studies:

  1. Select the first study from the study panel.

  2. Select one of the series from this study.

  3. Click the Series fusion PIC button on the toolbar or select the View menu and the Fusion item.

  4. In the Series fusion tab, on the Layers list panel, you can see the selected series. The Layers list panel shows the series that have been fused.

  5. Switch to the previous tab.

  6. Select another study from the study panel.

  7. Select the series to be merged with the selected series from the first study.

  8. Drag the series to the Series fusion tab. The second series will be added to the Layers list (Fig. 4.1).

  9. To delete a slice from the Layers list panel select it and click the Remove fusion layer PIC button or select the Fusion menu and the Remove layer item.

    PIC The first (base) layer on the Layers list panel cannot be deleted.
  10. Set the visualization mode for the second slice (see Section 2.21.1).

The order of selecting series is important. The first (basic) series of images is located behind the second series in the flat image view window. The volume model is based on the first series, and even if the second series covers a larger volume of tissue, only those images are used in the reconstruction, the location of which is the same in both series, and the others are ignored.

Merged series can be opened in the Volume Reconstruction, Multiplanar Reconstruction and Virtual Endoscopy windows.