Inobitec DICOM Viewer

Chapter 7. Vessel analysis module


Functionality is available in a separate module which is activated in the Pro edition for an extra fee

PIC In Vessel Analysis window, diagnosis can only be established on the basis of CT and MR series. The anomalies detected should be studied using the original images in the Image Viewer window.
PIC Errors may occur when intensity is measured in a certain point. In this case, the intensity value will be marked by an asterisk. For accurate measurements, use the bilinear interpolation filter (see Section 5.3).

The DICOM Viewer allows you to open CT, MR and XA modality series in the Vessel analysis module.

The DICOM Viewer contains the Vessel analysis module (universal) and the Coronary artery analysis module (adapted for the analysis of the coronary arteries). Both of these modules are licensed separately. Their functionality basically coincides, and the differences are based on the location of the coronary arteries.

This chapter describes the Vessel analysis module. Differences related to the Coronary artery module are described in Section 7.8.