Inobitec DICOM Viewer

DICOM Viewer Functionality

DICOM Viewer features and toolsLite  Pro   Web
General functions

        Multilingual user interface
        Autorun of the application
        Support for multiple monitors

        High resolution monitor support ✓     ✓      ✓ 
        Full-screen mode

        Minimize application window to system tray

        Open/save file using Native OS dialogs✓    

        Control of tools with different mouse buttons (left, right, or middle)

        Export and import settings
        Integrated help system

        Displaying phases

        Viewing structured reports (SR)

        Viewing DICOM tags✓ 

        Viewing PDF documents  

        Voxel and polygon rendering support (CUDA, OpenCL, Metal, CPU)

        Embedded Web Viewer

Integration with third-party systems

        Launching the program from the command line with parameters ✓     ✓    

        Executing commands via URL using the protocol inobitec://

        HTTP RPC service

        Opening a study by a link

Basic measuring tools for series images and MPR slices


        Polygonal ruler


        Cobb angle

        Point value

        ROI ellipse ✓ 
        ROI rectangle
        ROI polygon

        Histogram display for ROI
        Angle measurement between the rulers
Annotation tools for series images and MPR slices




        Text✓     ✓      ✓ 

Special tools

        Calibrating image sizes

        Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)

        Calcium scoring     
        Cardiothoracic ratio tool
        Measurement of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC)

        Blood flow parameters evaluation on the basis of phase-contrast images  
        Visualization of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) 
        Fusion on the basis of differentiating color contrasting of series  
Processing of display of series images and MPR slices
✓      ✓ 
        True size ✓ 

        Flip image

        Adjust W/L

        W/L settings

        Full dynamic W/L

        Custom W/L presets


        User CLUTs

        Support for color lookup tables (CLUTs) embedded in DICOM data

        Choose image resampling filter

        Image filters (sharpen, blur, median)

Video recording and playback

        Play images ✓ ✓ 
        Choosing a playback speed ✓  
        Playback looping ✓  
        Play video contained in DICOM files  ✓ 
        Video recording  ✓  
        Choosing an encoder for video recording  
Export images ✓ ✓ ✓ 
        View screenshot✓ ✓ ✓ 
        Visible image screenshot ✓ ✓  
        Raw image data capturing 
        Export images to a new series of DICOM images ✓  ✓ 
        Export images to a graphic file (JPEG, PNG) ✓   
Opening DICOM studies from various sources✓  ✓ 
        Opening DICOM studies from a folder ✓  ✓ 
        Opening DICOM studies from a PACS server✓  ✓ 
        Opening DICOM studies from a local storage✓  ✓ 
        Opening DICOM studies from zip archives✓   
        DICOMDIR reading✓   
        Loading images in the background✓   
Work with DICOM studies ✓  ✓ 
        Uploading selected studies to PACS server✓  ✓ 
        Downloading selected studies from PACS server ✓  ✓ 
        Work as a PACS server, support C-FIND, C-MOVE and C-STORE✓  
        Export studies and series to the folder✓ ✓ 
        Export studies and series to the zip archive

        Search for studies

        Saving the search parameters✓ 
        Editing patient name and discription of study in local storage ✓ 
        Anonymize studies and series with the ability to edit DICOM tags
        The support of secure connection with TLS
View images
        Customized split screen
        Displaying several studies at the same time
        Scrolling images
        Comments to the image ✓  ✓ 
        Customizes arrangement of series with arbitrary modalities
        Automatic filling of windows with study series
        Building orthogonal projections
        Measurement of speed and time interval for dopplergram
        Distance measurement on ultrasound studies
        Merge series into a multiphase series
Data synchronization
        Synchronizing Window / Level for images

        Synchronize moving and zooming for images
        Synchronizing the image change

        Synchronization modes (automatic and manual synchronization)
        3D cursor

        Displaying slice projections
        Synchronization of MPR tabs on different monitors

        Viewing axial, frontal, and sagittal sections✓ ✓ ✓ 
        Rotate cutting planes ✓ ✓ ✓ 
        Setting MPR modes (Average, MIP, MinIP)
✓ ✓ ✓ 
        Set slice thickness ✓ ✓ ✓ 
        Display of MPR planes on 3D model ✓  
        Customizing windows arrangement ✓  
        Export sections of any of the planes with a selectable increment to a series ✓  
        Fusion on the basis of differentiating color contrasting of series  ✓  
        Viewing Diffusion Tensor Imaging series (DTI)  ✓  
        Curvilinear reconstruction ✓ ✓ 
        Curve slices ✓  
Basic editing tools for a 3D model ✓ 

        Canceling and reverting changes

        Polygon cut

        Inverse Polygon Cut

        Cut object

        Cut all except object

Measuring tools for a 3D model


        Polygonal ruler

        3D Angle

        Surface ruler

Markers for MPR and 3D reconstruction ✓ 

        Point marker

        Line marker

        Polygonal line marker✓ 

Volume reconstruction (3D)✓ 

        MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)

        Clipping box

        Switching projection

        Remove bones

        Remove table

        Center of model

        Setting render quality of the model

        Export of several images obtained by rotating the model to a graphic file (jpg, png)

        Export of several images obtained by rotating the model to a new series of DICOM images

        Deleting bone structures with the help of a native series


        Showing the editing mask and its outline

        Canceling and reverting changes

        Polygon cut

        Inverse polygon cut

        Cut object

        Cut all except object

        Brush cut

        Brush restore

        Segmentation from point by mask

        Region growing

        Vessel tree segmentation

        Watershed segmentation

        Region growing of segmented structures

        Contour segmentation

        Boolean operations with structures


        Creating a surface with a mask

        Export surface (PLY, OBJ, STL, GLB)

        Import surface (PLY, OBJ, STL)

Series fusion

        Stitch images

        Export of volume stitching

        Series fusion from one study

        Series fusion from different studies

        Subtracting images

        Fit layers by points

        Merge layers automatically

        Merge layers manually

        Image registration

Recording a study on a CD/DVD

        Recording data to CD/DVD

        Recording a study on a USB medium

        Recording several studies


        Print images on paper

        Print images using a DICOM printer

        Arbitrary arrangement of images on the page

        Images arrangement templates

        Adding images to the header and the footer

        Changing several images simultaneously

        Adding reference images
        Exporting pages to the PACS server for printing 

Virtual endoscopy

        Manually navigate the inside a cavity

        Automatic synchronization with multiplanar reconstruction

        Fly-through camera
        Cavity scan

        Build cavity surfaces

        Video recording

Perfusion parameters estimation

        CT and MRI studies support  
        Results of perfusion parameters evaluation in the form of CBV, CBF, MTT, and Tmax maps

Creation of report

        Edit and format text

        Create and edit tables

        Insert images from the clipboard

        Create report templates

        Autocompletion of tag values from study series

        Export a report in a PDF file

        Export a report in a DICOM DOC series

View ECG

        View graphs

        Measure time intervals and values on graphs

        Using filters

        Export graphs to a new series of DICOM images

«Web» is the Inobitec Web DICOM Viewer, an individual product with the functions comparable to those of the desktop DICOM Viewer version. More information can be found in the Products and Downloads pages.

  Дополнительные модули, которые активируются в редакции «Pro» за отдельную плату:

 Name  Features and tools
 Vessel Analysis  Bones deletion
 Displaying a section
 Building the centerline
 Vessel contours
 Editing vessel contours
 Short and long diameters
 Percentage of stenosis
 Export vessel surface
 Coronary Artery Analysis  Displaying a section
 Building the centerline
 Vessel contours
 Editing vessel contours
 Short and long diameters
 Percentage of stenosis
 Export vessel surface
 PET Analysis Fusion PT and CT series
 SUV measurement
 VOI Sphere
 Customized split screen 
 Extended Segmentation  Saving the segmentation results in the .spj format
 Image Annotation  Custom classes
 Combining classes in groups
 Marking objects with contours
 Saving image annotation results
 Export image annotation results with DICOM
Cardiac function analysis Building contours for the left and right ventricle manually
 Building contours for the left ventricle automatically
 Evaluating the main parameters for the left and the right ventricle (EDV, ESV, SV, EF, CO, CI,  myocardial mass)