Inobitec DICOM Viewer

2.11. Viewing Several Series as a Single Multiphase Series

Several series of a single study may be merged into a single multiphase series. Such a series may be used for assessment of contrast distribution in tissues at regular time intervals, e.g. for viewing it in the digital subtraction angiography (DSA) or perfusion parameters estimation mode.

The following series may be merged:

  • saved in the local storage. If the PACS server has been chosen as the DICOM data source, save the series in the local storage;

  • having the same modality;

  • having the same FrameOfReferenceUID (0020, 0052) tag value.

To merge several series of the same study in a multiphase series, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the study on the study panel to see the list of series.

  2. Select several series on the list in one of the following ways:

    • select the first and the last series you need while holding the Shift button;

    • mouse over the series you need while holding the left mouse button;

    • select several series placed in different parts of the list while holding the Ctrl button.

  3. Hover over the selected series, click the right mouse button and select the Image viewer (open as a single series) option on the menu. Choose one of the three viewing options:

    • Show at window 1 opens images in a new tab;

    • Show as detached window opens images in a separate window;

    • Show fullscreen opens images in the full screen mode. To exit the full screen mode, press Esc or F11 on the keyboard.

If the selected study series cannot be merged, a dialog box notifying of an error will pop up. To learn about the cause of the error, click the SHOW DETAILS... button.

The merged multiphase series will be opened in the flat image viewer window. A merged series may be opened from the Image viewer tab in the Volume reconstruction and MPR reconstruction tabs.

The new merged series will be added to the list of series of the current study. The description of the merged series comprises a list of all the series included in it, separated by a space followed by a Merged prefix. The series may be opened in the Volume reconstruction and MPR reconstruction tabs. To delete a merged series from the list of series, click the Remove the selected series from the Local Storage PIC button on the series panel.

The following options are unavailable for a merged series:

  • saving in a local storage;

  • loading to the PACS server;

  • adding to a CD/DVD image;

  • viewing tags.

When the list of studies is updated, the merged series is deleted automatically.