Inobitec DICOM Viewer

12.7. Export of Annotation Results


Functionality is available in a separate module which is activated in the Pro edition for an extra fee

The DICOM Viewer provides an opportunity to export image annotation results with DICOM data. The data are exported in a separate folder or archive.

Exported data includes:

  • a JSON file named ia_results.json that contains data about the tree of groups and classes and about the marked outline objects;

  • DICOM folder with dcm files of the series, on the images of which the objects were marked and the DICOMDIR file.

To export annotation results:

  1. Click the Export results with DICOM PIC button on the image annotation panel.

  2. In the Export image annotation results with DICOM dialog box (Fig. 12.6), enter the name of the destination folder in the Folder name field.

  3. Specify the path to the destination folder in the Create in field or click on the folder button to select a folder in the folder selection dialog box. If the path specified does not exist, an error notification will pop up when the OK button is clicked.

  4. To compress the exported data, check the Compress files box. The name of the Folder name field will be changed to File name. The data will be exported to a ZIP file, the name of which will be specified in the File name field. By default, the Compress files box is not checked.

Click OK to export the annotation results or CANCEL to cancel.