Inobitec DICOM Viewer

2.14. Video recording


Functionality is available in the Pro edition

The DICOM Viewer allows you to record video for the selected image viewing window. If you use the View Multiple Series mode (see Section 2.9), then video will be recorded only from the selected window. If you are viewing multiple images in a series at the same time (see Section 2.10), then video will be recorded only for the left bottom image area (highlighted in red in fig. 2.20). The following objects will be recorded:

  • tissues;

  • measurements;

  • annotations;

  • scout lines;

  • tags;

  • orientation cube;

  • ruler;

  • synchronization crosshair.

The following objects will not be recorded:

  • cursor;

  • dialog windows.

Video recording will be stopped if:

  • focus is moved to another window within this tab;

  • window size is changed.

Video recording can be synchronized with playback (see Section 2.14). To start playback when recording a video and stop it after completing a video recording, click on the arrow on the right side of the PIC button, select the Settings... item and in the dialog that opens (fig. 2.21), check the Start playback after recording starts box. If this box is checked then video recording will stop after the playback is stopped.

Chose one for the following options from the Encoder drop-down list:

To set the frame rate, enter the value into the Frame per second field.

Click OK to apply the settings or CANCEL to cancel.

To start recording video:

  1. Click on the Start video record PIC button. The file save dialog opens.

  2. Select the save path and the file name.

  3. To start video recording, click Save and to cancel, click Cancel.

During video recording, the button looks like PIC . To stop video recording, click the PIC button. After the video recording is completed, the Video record was stopped message appears.

The video will be saved in a file with .mp4 extension.