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Our mission is expanding the limits of visibility and possibilities for doctors. By providing quality innovative IT solutions for medical industry, we have a lot to contribute to improving the health of people around the globe.

Static edition with standard functionality

  • View flat images

  • 3D volumetric reconstruction

  • View multi-planar reconstruction

  • View EKG and Echocardiogram

  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) ModeDigital Subtraction Angiography Mode (DSA)

  • Export a model to a graphic file or a new series of DICOM images

  • Print images on paper and film using a DICOM printer

  • Acting as a PACS server, processing C-FIND and C-MOVE commands

  • Burning data to CDs, DVDs, and flash drives

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Dynamically progressive edition (release every quarter)
Extended functionality

  • Advanced 3D Reconstruction

  • Export surfaces in OBJ, STL, PLY, GLB formats

  • Advanced multi-plan reconstruction

  • Adding Markers and Marker Lines

  • Combining Series with Advanced Tools

  • Virtual endoscopy with various options

  • Recording video from viewports (64-bit builds only)

  • Embedded Inobitec Web DICOM Viewer

  • Ability to activate additional modules

  • Custom development of specialized modules (example: Preoperative planning of the installation of transpedicular screws)

PET / CT analysis module

  • Positioning a 3D model in a MIP window
  • Automatic setting of CLUT and WL
  • 3D MIP for PT Series
  • VOI Tool
  • One-click tool
  • Manage multiple tools at once
  • 2D MIP for CT-series with the ability to change the thickness of the cut
  • Switching between Mono PET, Mono CT, PET-CT
  • Setting the default color table for MIP
  • Image navigation, mirroring, magnifying, PET export options

Vessel analysis module

  • Algorithm for automatically determining the center line of a vessel
  • Algorithm and interface for semi-automatic and manual editing of the center line of the vessel
  • Algorithm for automatic analysis of transverse sections of a vessel to determine the area, as well as the minimum and maximum diameters
  • Interface for working with the scan of the vessel, including the choice of cross sections and their display
  • Automatic display of percent stenosis based on selected reference and working sections

Coronary Arteries analysis module

  • Calcium Scoring
  • Analysis of transverse sections of coronary vessels to determine the boundaries of the lumen of the vessel and the boundaries of the outer wall
  • Classification of tissue in the vessel wall: fat / calcium / fibrosed tissue
  • Isolation of the portion of the vessel for analysis, display of the color of classified tissues
  • Automatic search for the bottleneck in the selected section.
  • Display the length of the selected section and the distance to it from the mouth of the vessel

Extended segmentation module

  • The opportunity to save and open 3D results segmentation
  • Using the results for demonstration during the process of preoperative preparation
  • Using the results for 3D printing
  • Auto-saving mode for segmentation projects

Image annotation module

  • Segmentation of objects in DICOM images
  • Control of contours intersections
  • Combination of contours into classes and groups
  • Import and export in .json format
  • Save the results to a project file
  • Possibility to work with multiple series and studies
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Get access to free trial of Inobitec Web DICOM Viewer by writing us at market@inobitec.com

  • Work in multi-user mode

  • Ease of Administration

  • Overhead reduction

  • Extensive integration into third-party web services as a SaaS solution

  • Seamless integration with other systems: RIS, HIS, PACS

inobitec viewer lite photo

Designed for archiving, online access, transfer of images (studies) obtained from various DICOM-equipment

  • Support for Windows and Linux

  • Working with MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • DICOM protocol support for storing and transmitting snapshots, as well as for storing scheduled procedure lists (MWL)

  • WADO ++ support (access to snapshots via HTTP)

  • Administrative panel for managing server settings

  • The ability to differentiate access to data for client devices

  • View snapshots saved on the server

  • Migration Utility for Existing DICOM Data Warehouse

  • Archiving and setting storage periods for images

  • Regional PACS Server

  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

inobitec viewer lite photo
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