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Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) — software for transfer, archiving and Web-access to medical images (studies), obtained from medical equipment of various manufacturers.

To obtain the Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) for your Linux distribution kit or with the support of another DBMS, send a request to market@inobitec.com

Inobitec DICOM Server end-user license agreement (April 2023) Certificate ISO 13485:2016 №23RN12CI issued 09.12.2023 ANVISA Decree on Medical Device Registration - №81504790349

In order to renew existing subscriptions you need to sign in to your account.

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To purchase a license with more than 50 connections to the Server, send a request to market@inobitec.com


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Please obtain the Product Key and send it to us in order to receive a License Key for the DICOM Server. This Product Key is a unique identifier for the device to which the license will be attached.
How to find the Product Key


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