Inobitec DICOM Viewer

15.1. General information

The disk creator allows you to write information to CDs, DVDs and Memory Cards. To open the disk creator, click the DICOM CD/DVD Creator PIC button on the toolbar. To select the tab location (in the current window, in a separate window or in the full screen mode), click on the arrow on the right side of the button. To open the creator window in a new tab in the current window, click on the button.

The disk creator window is shown in Fig. 15.1.

To work with the creator, the Work Folder should be set up, i.e. the folder to store the disk image to be written. By default, the Work Folder is located in the temporary folder of the operating system. To change it, click on the Select the work folder where DICOM CD/DVD image will be created PIC button and select the directory in the dialog that opens. If, when opening the creator, the Work Folder already contains data, then the dialog with the question Do you want to clear work folder before inserting new data? is displayed. Click YES to clear or NO to leave the data.

If the disk image is damaged, it may become impossible to work with it. If errors occur when adding or removing data, manually clean the Work Folder.

After being written, the data in the Work Folder can be saved for later use or it can be automatically deleted. Automatic cleaning of the Work Folder can be enabled before burning the image (see Section 15.3).

The top part of the creator contains the control buttons:

The Size parameter displays the size of the disk image. The same information is duplicated by the green bar on the graph (Fig. 15.2).