Inobitec DICOM Viewer

5.19. Measurements

PIC The MPR window doesn’t show the source data, it shows 3D structure slices. That is why tweening errors may occur
PIC As the images in MinIP, MIP, and AIP modes are the results of original images processing, tweening errors may occur. The measurements performed in these modes may be erroneous
PIC The measurement accuracy is up to one screen pixel. As a screen pixel is smaller than a source image pixel, the true linear measurement accuracy is up to one source image pixel. Errors may also occur in density measurements. The most accurate measurements are performed with bilinear interpolation (see Section 5.3)
PIC The MPR mode is not meant to be used for PET studies, use the specialized module (see Section 9).
PIC Errors may occur when intensity is measured in a certain point. In this case, the intensity value will be marked by an asterisk. For accurate measurements, use the bilinear interpolation filter (see Section 5.3).

The measurements are conducted in the same way as for flat images (Section 2.18).