Inobitec DICOM Viewer

Chapter 5. Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR)

PIC In Multiplanar Reconstruction window, diagnosis can only be established on the basis of CT, MR, XA and MG series
 5.1 Open Study in Multiplanar Reconstruction window
 5.2 MPR View Elements
  5.2.1 Customizing the Section Windows Arrangement
 5.3 Resampling filter
 5.4 Image Filters
 5.5 Working with Orthogonal Planes
  5.5.1 View Modes
  5.5.2 Working with Planes in 3D Cursor Mode
  5.5.3 Working with Planes in the Cutting Plane Mode
 5.6 Series Synchronization in MPR Reconstruction Tabs
 5.7 Curvilinear Reconstruction
  5.7.1 Build Surface
  5.7.2 Choosing a Display Mode for an Involute of a Curve
  5.7.3 Curve settings
  5.7.4 Actions with a Curve
  5.7.5 Position of a Curve, Its Nodes and Surface in Space
  5.7.6 Curved Reconstructions Cross Sections Mode
 5.8 Displaying Section Planes on 3D Models
 5.9 "Render settings" Tool
 5.10 The Play Tool
 5.11 Video recording
 5.12 Markers
  5.12.1 General
  5.12.2 Add Markers
  5.12.3 Add Line Markers
  5.12.4 Poilygonal Marker line
  5.12.5 Actions with Markers
  5.12.6 Marker Properties
  5.12.7 Position of Markers in Space
 5.13 Reconstruction Modes. Slice Thickness
  5.13.1 Render Modes
  5.13.2 Slice Thickness
 5.14 Rotate Image in the Section Plane
 5.15 Mirror Image Horizontally/Vertically
 5.16 Show labels tool
 5.17 Export Images
 5.18 Reslice
 5.19 Measurements
 5.20 Annotations
 5.21 Volume Reconstruction window
 5.22 Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) Mode
  5.22.1 Open series in DTI Mode
  5.22.2 Select Visible Fibers
  5.22.3 Fiber Color
  5.22.4 Scalar Maps
  5.22.5 Building a Surface
  5.22.6 Creating a Voxel Model of Fibers
  5.22.7 Saving data in a file