Inobitec DICOM Viewer

16.4. DICOM

The following DICOM files processing parameters are set up in this section:

  • Reading character set (character set of DICOM data);

  • The Ignore parse errors option can be checked/unchecked;

  • The Ignore file meta header length option can be checked/unchecked;

  • The Allow reading broken files option can be checked/unchecked;

  • The Perform color space conversion from YCbCr to RGB option can be checked/unchecked. The option is disabled by default. The option is used when the color model provided for in the PhotometricInterpretation (0028,0004) tag is invalid. When the option is enabled, the color space is transformed from YCbCr to RGB. When the setting is changed and saved, the program must be relaunched. A dialog box will pop up notifying that the new setting will be applied the next time the program is launched. When the program is restarted automatically, the option is not applied.