Inobitec DICOM Viewer

5.8. Displaying Section Planes on 3D Models

The MPR planes on 3D view PIC tool is used for setting up and displaying section planes on 3D models in the 3D view window.

The tool is available on the toolbar in MPR reconstuction, Vessel analysis and Coronary artery analysis tabs only when a 3D reconstruction is displayed in the 3D view window. In the Fig. 5.19, , you can see an example of section planes displayed on a 3D model in the 3D view window of the MPR reconstuction tab.

To enable the mode for displaying section planes, click the MPR planes on 3D view PIC button on the toolbar.

To enable the planes display, click the arrow on the right-hand side of the MPR planes on 3D view PIC button and select the display mode on the button menu (see Fig. 5.20):

Planes of open windows. In the 3D view window, the section planes that are shown in the open windows of the tab are displayed. This mode is enabled by default.

To enable the display of certain cutting plains, disable the Planes of open windows mode. You can enable the display of the following planes:

All the planes are displayed by default.

Borders of the planes. The mode is used to enable/disable the display of borders of the cutting planes on a 3D model. The display of borders of the planes is enabled by default.

Transparency settings. In the dialog box that pops up (Fig. 5.21), move the slider to set up the planes transparency. The extreme right position equals maximum opacity. The maximum opacity level is set by default.

PIC Planes transparency is not supported:
  • if the CPU has been chosen as the visualization device;

  • if the program is installed on Linux;

  • if the program is installed on macOS and any device different from Metal is used as the visualization device.

To make the background visible, uncheck the Transparent background box. The box is checked by default. To close the transparency settings dialog box, click the CLOSE button.

The colors of the plane borders are the same as the colors of the windows of the respective cutting planes. On the curvilinear surface plane, the centerline is shown in dark red. The borders of the curve slice plane are shown in blue.