Inobitec DICOM Viewer

Getting Started

To avoid problems with the DICOM Viewer, do the following before you start working with the program:

  1. Limit the access to the computers with the program installed in order to protect the patients’ personal data.

  2. If you need to print images on a DICOM printer, make sure that the printer is available and print a test page.

  3. If you need to record data on a CD/DVD, make sure that the disk drive is available and make a test record.

  4. If you need to download data from the modality to the local storage, check the modality connection settings by downloading test data. Errors may occur when studies are opened, depending on the modality settings (e.g. the modality may make an error in recording the width and the level of the window; in this case you will need to change the window width and level settings manually while viewing the images).

  5. Make sure that the data downloaded from the modality can be viewed in the modes chosen (e.g. a study contains several phases for viewing images in the digital subtraction angiography mode).

Before starting a procedure that requires flawless operation of the DICOM Viewer, do the following:

  1. If there is an uninterruptible power supply unit, make sure it is in working order.

  2. Check the DICOM servers availability; depending on the tasks to be performed, check the ability to upload, download and search for data.

  3. If you need to download studies in the local storage, check the amount of free space on the hard disk drive where this storage is placed.