Inobitec DICOM Viewer

2.7. View Several Studies at a Time

To open several studies simultaneously:

  1. Open a study by opening any of its series.

  2. Switch to the tab containing the study list.

  3. Select another study and drag one of its series to the tab with the opened study (highlighted in red in Fig. 2.8).

The series are opened in the same tab but in different study view windows.

To maximize any window of the series and restore its size, proceed as follows:

If some tool, such as the tool for measurements or render annotations, has been activated with the left mouse button, you can expand a window or restore its size in two ways:

The series panel is displayed on the left, and the series are grouped by study (Fig. 2.9).

The arrows point to series panel stubs. The series panel at the top of the picture is expanded, and the bottom series panel is folded. To unfold it, just click the left mouse button on the header (marked by the arrow below). Only one series panel may be unfolded at a time, the rest will be folded.