Inobitec DICOM Viewer

12.3. Network Operation Status

Network operations include information transfer and reception between the Viewer and the PACS servers.

To view the network operation status, select the Network menu and the Network status item. The window shown in Fig. 12.5 will pop up.

The window contains three tabs: Downloading, Uploading and History. The Downloading and Uploading tabs display the queues of studies loaded from the PACS server or sent to the PACS server respectively.

If the queue is empty at the moment, i.e. no studies are being loaded, the window will look as shown in Fig. 12.6.

If some data is being transferred at the moment, the study queue will be displayed in the required tab (Fig. 12.6). The studies positioned at the top of the list are the first to be processed.

To work with the Downloading and Uploading tabs, the same actions are used.

The following actions with a study can be performed (to do this, select the study first):

  • change the position in the queue using the PIC and PIC buttons respectively;
  • cancel the study processing using the PIC button. In this case, only the information that is already loaded will remain on the server.

To clear the queue, click the PIC button. In this case, the studies including the one currently processed are deleted from the list and their processing is interrupted. If a study is already being processed (In progress status), you cannot change its position in the queue.

The top of the History tab displays the list of studies loaded, sent or canceled. At the bottom of the tab there is a list of studies whose transfer failed (Fig. 12.7).