Inobitec DICOM Viewer

6.9. Actions with structure


Functionality is available in the Pro edition

The DICOM Viewer allows you to perform the following actions with structures:

  • Renaming. To do this, double-click the left mouse button on the name of the structure, enter a new name and press the Enter key on the keyboard.

  • Disabling visibility. To make the structure invisible, uncheck the Structure visibility box (Fig. 6.23). This action is also available for the base volume.

  • Color change. To do this:

    1. To set the user’s color, check the box Choose custom color in the line representing the structure (see the red arrow in Fig. 6.24). To change the color, click the colored square in the line representing the structure and choose the color you need.

    2. To use the color of the initial model, uncheck the Choose custom color box. Instead of the colored square, you will see a palette PIC in the line representing the structure.

When you click this palette, a dialog box that allows you to choose the color will pop up. If you choose a color, the color of the structure will be changed to the custom color.