Inobitec DICOM Viewer

1.6. Save Studies to the folder

The DICOM Viewer allows you to save one or more studies from the Local Storage, from a local folder, from a Compact Disk or from a PACS Server to a folder.

PIC Attention! Saving studies from a PACS server in C-MOVE mode is not possible. To do it, connect to PACS Server using C-GET mode or first download the studies to the Local Storage and save them to a folder from the Local Storage.
«Unsupported server mode»
PIC If it is impossible to save data from the PACS server, you must first download it to the Local Storage, connecting to the PACS Server using C-MOVE mode, and then save it to the folder from the Local Storage. If it is impossible to save separate series this does not affect the saving of other series and other studies.

The PACS Server connection settings are described in Section 12.2.

If you compress data, then the studies are saved to a zip file.

To save studies:

  1. Select data source (Local Storage, Local Folder, Compact Disk, PACS Server to which the DICOM Viewer is connected in C-GET mode (For details on how to select data source, see Section 1.5)), and load studies.

  2. Select one or more studies on the Study Panel. For details on how to work with the Study Panel, see Section 1.9.

  3. Click the PIC Save studies to the folder button.

  4. In the dialog that opens (Fig. 1.12) set up the following parameters:

    • Path to save: path to the folder to save studies;

    • Folder name (File name): if only one study is selected for saving, this parameter is editable. Otherwise the DICOM Viewer generates a folder name (archive file name) and the Folder name (File name) field is empty. If an archive file with the same name already exists, the DICOM Viewer offers to overwrite it;

    • the Compress files check box: if set, the saved data is compressed into a zip archive;

    • if several studies are selected, then the Save each study into separate folder (file) check box appears. It allows to save each study into separate folder (archive file);

    • the Anonymize check box allows to anonymize saving data. For details, see Section 16.3.

    • to restore default settings, click the Defaults button.

  5. Click the OK button to save or Cancel to cancel.

The data saved into the folder is supplied for later recording onto a Compact Disk using the operating system. The Compact Disk opens in the same way as if it were recorded using the DICOM Viewer (without adding the DICOM Viewer to the disk image).