Inobitec DICOM Viewer

17.1. Trial period

Demo mode allows the users to try to work with the Viewer, using it without limitation functional for 30 days. The only requirement is the need to connect your computer to the Internet. After 30 days of using Viewer it becomes impossible. To continue, you must purchase a license. The trial period for each edition is calculated separately.

You can activate the Viewer versions released within a year from the moment of purchase of the key. Versions released after a year are not activated, but the trial period is available for them. To extend the activation period of new versions for another year, purchase a subscription to updates.

Beginning with version 1.9.0 after the release of the product with the changed second number in the product version (the so-called minor version), you can re-activate the trial period. For example, a user who activated Lite edition version 1.9.0, but after a month did not acquire a license, will be able to activate the trial Lite edition version 1.10.0 again to research its functionality. Similarly for the Pro edition.

Starting from version 1.11.0 specialized modules can additionally be connected to the Pro edition. Such modules are licensed and paid separately. The main functionality remains available in the Pro edition.