User Manual

Version 2.11

The information contained in this User Manual belongs to Inobitec, LLC (Voronezh, Russia). The Manual is delivered to the users of Inobitec DICOM Viewer software product exclusively for the purpose of working with this product. No part of the information contained herein can be modified, used for any other purpose or delivered to any third party without the prior written consent of Inobitec, LLC (Voronezh, Russia). Inobitec, LLC reserves the right to alter this Manual without prior notice. Screenshots are made in Windows for the Dark style of the Viewer. Certain visual differences between the Viewer interface and the images in the screenshots are allowable.

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About this Manual
 Accepted Conventions
Technical Support
About the Product
 DICOM Viewer Functionality
 New Functions in Version 2.11
Installing, Uninstalling and Launching the Program
 System Requirements
 Installing and Uninstalling the Program
 Service files
 Import CLUTs
 Getting Started
 First run of the Program
 Launching the Web Viewer
1 Program Window Elements
 1.1 Main Menu
 1.2 Window Management
 1.3 Tab Panel
 1.4 Toolbar
 1.5 Select Data Source
 1.6 Save Studies and Series to the folder
 1.7 Search Panel
 1.8 Select Server Panel
 1.9 Study Panel
 1.10 Series Panel
 1.11 Studies and Series Import/Export Panels
 1.12 Information Panel
 1.13 Uncompress series
 1.14 Tool Control Buttons
2 View Flat Images
 2.1 Open Series
 2.2 Open Series with Current Settings
 2.3 Working with Several Monitors and Split Screen
 2.4 Resampling filter
 2.5 View Images in a Series
 2.6 Switch between Series
 2.7 View Several Studies at a Time
 2.8 View Multiple Series
 2.9 View Multiple Images in the Same Series Simultaneously
 2.10 Viewing Several Series as a Single Multiphase Series
 2.11 Viewing Orthogonal Projections of Images
 2.12 Play images
 2.13 Video recording
 2.14 Zoom. Pan. Rotate
 2.15 Set Window Level and Width
 2.16 Magnifier
 2.17 Measurements
 2.18 Perfusion Parameters Estimation
 2.19 Evaluation of Blood Flow Parameters
 2.20 Visualize Images
 2.21 SUV Measurement
 2.22 Calcium Scoring
 2.23 Scout Lines
 2.24 Set Up Viewer Workspace
 2.25 Export Images
 2.26 DSA Mode
 2.27 Image Information in the Series Window
 2.28 View DICOM Tags
 2.29 Graphic Label Tool
 2.30 Synchronize Images
 2.31 Synchronization by a Point
 2.32 Mirror Image Horizontally/Vertically
 2.33 Calibration sizes
 2.34 Apparent diffusion coefficient
3 Volume Reconstruction
 3.1 View Images
 3.2 Model Projection
 3.3 Actions with Model
 3.4 Model Positioning Tools
 3.5 "Select Model Point" Tool
 3.6 The Play Tool
 3.7 Video recording
 3.8 Cutting Tools
 3.9 Centrate
 3.10 Clipping Box
 3.11 Measurements
 3.12 Markers
 3.13 Export Model
 3.14 Render settings
 3.15 Reconstruction by Series with Varying Distances between Slices
 3.16 Remove Bone Tissue
4 Series Fusion
 4.1 Create Series Fusion
 4.2 Merge Series from Different Studies
 4.3 Merge layers
 4.4 Image registration
 4.5 Actions with the fused series
 4.6 Image stitching mode
5 Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR)
 5.1 Open Study in Multiplanar Reconstruction window
 5.2 MPR View Elements
 5.3 Resampling filter
 5.4 Working with Orthogonal Planes
 5.5 Series Synchronization in MPR Reconstruction Tabs
 5.6 Curvilinear Reconstruction
 5.7 Displaying Section Planes on 3D Models
 5.8 "Render settings" Tool
 5.9 The Play Tool
 5.10 Video recording
 5.11 Markers
 5.12 Reconstruction Modes. Slice Thickness
 5.13 Rotate Image in the Section Plane
 5.14 Mirror Image Horizontally/Vertically
 5.15 Show labels tool
 5.16 Export Images
 5.17 Reslice
 5.18 Measurements
 5.19 Annotations
 5.20 Volume Reconstruction window
 5.21 Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) Mode
6 Segmentation
 6.1 The Segmented Structures Panel
 6.2 The Mask
 6.3 Creating segmented structure
 6.4 Actions with structure
 6.5 Building surface
 6.6 Copying a Surface
 6.7 Import and Export
 6.8 Changing the structure mask with segmentation tools
 6.9 Union, subtraction and intersection of structures
 6.10 Building Mask with Contours
 6.11 Saving and Opening Segmentation Projects and DTI Projects
 6.12 Histograms
7 Vessel analysis module
 7.1 Open Studies in Vessel Analysis Module
 7.2 "Render settings" Tool
 7.3 The Play Tool
 7.4 Video recording
 7.5 Centerline building mode
 7.6 Vessel Analysis Mode
 7.7 Coronary Artery Analysis
8 PET analysis
 8.1 Open Studies in PET Analysis tab
 8.2 PET Analysis Tab Elements
 8.3 MIP mode
 8.4 The Play Tool
 8.5 Video recording
 8.6 PET Window settings
 8.7 Image Positioning
 8.8 Visualize Images
 8.9 Measurements and Annotations
 8.10 Measure the Intensity Average and Standard Deviation in Space
 8.11 Synchronization in the PET analysis tab
9 Virtual Endoscopy
 9.1 Open Studies in Virtual Endoscopy window
 9.2 View Elements. Customize MPR Panel
 9.3 Move Camera
 9.4 Video recording
 9.5 Customize Image
 9.6 Measurements and Markers
 9.7 Multiplanar Reconstruction
 9.8 Surface Reconstruction
 9.9 Export
10 ECG Viewer
 10.1 Select Data Source
 10.2 Open Series in ECG View window
 10.3 View Graphs
 10.4 Toolbar
 10.5 Frequency Filters
 10.6 Export series
11 Image annotation
 11.1 Licensing the Image Annotation Module
 11.2 Opening a Series in the Image Annotation Mode
 11.3 Creating a Tree of Object Groups and Classes
 11.4 Export and Import of the Tree of Groups and Classes
 11.5 Marking Objects with Contours
 11.6 Saving and Opening Annotation Results
 11.7 Export of Annotation Results
12 Network
 12.1 Services
 12.2 Set Up PACS Server Connection
 12.3 Network Operation Status
 12.4 HTTP RPC service
13 The Local Storage
 13.1 View Storage Status
 13.2 Verify Storage
 13.3 Clear Storage
 13.4 Automatic Local Storage cleaning
14 Disk Creator
 14.1 General information
 14.2 Add Data to Disk Creator
 14.3 Burn image
 14.4 View studies written on disk
15 DICOM Viewer Settings
 15.1 General
 15.2 User interface
 15.3 DICOM
 15.4 Monitor
 15.5 Skins
 15.6 Modules
 15.7 Set Up Hotkeys Module
 15.8 Import and Export Settings
16 DICOM Tag Viewing
 16.1 DICOM Tags. General Information
 16.2 DICOM Tag Viewer Window
 16.3 Anonymize studies and series
17 Print Images
 17.1 Working with Print List
 17.2 Edit print list in Preview window
 17.3 Print Images on Film
 17.4 Print Images on Paper
 17.5 Printing Pages Export
18 Licensing
 18.1 Trial period
 18.2 The First Launch and Licensing
 18.3 Purchase of a License
19 Help System and User Assistance
 19.1 Help System
 19.2 Tooltips
 Accepted Abbreviations
 Key Combinations Used in All Windows
 Key Combinations Used in Image View Window
 Key Combinations Used in 3D Reconstruction Window
 Key Combinations Used in DICOM Tag View Window
 Key Combinations Used in Curvilinear Reconstruction Mode
 Key Combinations Used in Multiplanar Reconstruction Window
 Key Combinations Used in Virtual Endoscopy Window