Chapter 19
Print Images

The DICOM Viewer allows you to print images on paper or film using DICOM printers.

You must add images to the print list, then open the list in the preview window and print the images.

 19.1 Working with Print List
  19.1.1 Add/Delete Images in View Flat Images and Fusion windows
  19.1.2 Add Images in Multiplanar Reconstruction and Volume Reconstruction windows
  19.1.3 Add Series and Clear Print List
  19.1.4 Add Images from Different Studies
 19.2 Edit print list in Preview window
  19.2.1 Preview
  19.2.2 Set Up Page Templates
  19.2.3 Cells
  19.2.4 Print Labels
  19.2.5 Reference image
 19.3 Print Images on Film
  19.3.1 Set Up DICOM Printers
  19.3.2 Set Up DICOM Printing Parameters
  19.3.3 Setting Up the Default DICOM Print Parameters
  19.3.4 Print
 19.4 Print Images on Paper
 19.5 Printing Pages Export