Chapter 18
Report Editor


Functionality is available in the Pro edition

The DICOM Viewer report editor provides an opportunity to create, edit and save medical documents, such as reports, opinions, statements etc. The documents created in Inobitec DICOM Viewer may be opened for reading and editing in the Inobitec Web DICOM Viewer and vice versa.

The DICOM Viewer report editor allows the user to format text, create and edit tables, insert images from the clipboard.

The created user reports are saved as special SR series in the local storage and may be exported as PDF files or DICOM DOC series.

 18.1 Editor Window
  18.1.1 Toolbar
  18.1.2 Text Editing Tools
 18.2 Working with Reports
  18.2.1 Creating an Empty Report
  18.2.2 Creating a Report Based on a Template
  18.2.3 Saving a Report
  18.2.4 Exporting a Report
  18.2.5 Viewing and Editing a Report
 18.3 Report Template
  18.3.1 Creating an Empty Template
  18.3.2 Loading a Report Template from a File
  18.3.3 Exporting a Report Template
  18.3.4 Viewing and Editing a Report Template
  18.3.5 Saving a Report Template
  18.3.6 Deleting a Report Template