Chapter 8
Cardiac function analysis


Functionality is available in a separate module which is activated in the Pro edition for an extra fee

The module is intended for providing ventricular function quantification on the basis of a set of short axes by way of contouring the region of interest (ROI). Contours may be built in the manual and the semi-automatic mode. The ventricular parameters are evaluated on the basis of the contours built.

PIC Left ventricular function analysis based on Simpson’s rule is performed for MR modality series with images oriented along the short axis of the heart.
 8.1 Opening Studies in the Cardiac Function Analysis Module
 8.2 Tools for Cardiac Function Analysis
 8.3 Building Contours
  8.3.1 Building Contours Manually
  8.3.2 Evaluating the Left Ventricle Extension
  8.3.3 Contouring the Left Ventricle Endocardium Automatically
  8.3.4 Actions with Contours
 8.4 Evaluating Functional Parameters of the Heart