Chapter 8
PET analysis


Functionality is available in a separate module which is activated in the Pro edition for an extra fee

 8.1 Open Studies in PET Analysis tab
  8.1.1 Fuse series from the same study in the PET analysis tab
  8.1.2 Fuse series from different studies in the PET analysis tab
 8.2 PET Analysis Tab Elements
  8.2.1 PET Analysis tab Windows
  8.2.2 Setting the templates for windows arrangement in the PET analysis tab
 8.3 MIP mode
 8.4 The Play Tool
 8.5 Video recording
 8.6 PET Window settings
 8.7 Image Positioning
 8.8 Visualize Images
 8.9 Measurements and Annotations
 8.10 Measure the Intensity Average and Standard Deviation in Space
  8.10.1 Create sphere
  8.10.2 Sphere location in space
  8.10.3 Actions with the sphere
  8.10.4 Drawing Parameters
 8.11 Synchronization in the PET analysis tab