Chapter 12

PIC To avoid personal data disclosure, secure channels should be used for data transfer via the network.
 12.1 Services
  12.1.1 DICOM Service (PACS Server functionality)
  12.1.2 HIS/HTTP Service
  12.1.3 Web Access
  12.1.4 Secure DICOM Listener Service
 12.2 Set Up PACS Server Connection
  12.2.1 Add PACS Server
  12.2.2 Secure PACS Server connection via the TLS protocol
  12.2.3 Check PACS Server Availability
  12.2.4 Configuring the connection of two applications Inobitec DICOM Viewer
 12.3 Network Operation Status
 12.4 HTTP RPC service
  12.4.1 Command "DownloadAndOpenStudy"
  12.4.2 Command "DisplayStudy"
  12.4.3 Configuration Files of HTTP RPC service