custom Software development

We've opened a direction on software development to order,
inspired by the challenges facing the medicine of the XXI century.
Эффективная методология, быстрое производство кода и получение нативных кроссплатформенных решений We choose effective methodologies for the rapid production of programming code and the generation of native cross-platform applications.
Создание приложений от мобильных платформ до суперкомпьютеров Based on our own experience in the IT-industry, we have all the necessary competencies for developing software: from applications and mobile platforms to supercomputers.
The production of our services is based on Qt Development Framework
наукоемкие технологии
Since 2010, our specialists have accumulated vast experience in the developing of high technology in the IT-industry. First of all, this is the generation of productive algorithms and programs based on numerical methods.
специализация в производстве
Our specialization in projects for medicine has contributed to the formation of a rich stock of industry templates and ready-made components, that allow the development of an application of any complexity in a short time.
greatest successes we have reached in the following directions
Построение клиент-серверных систем
Developing client-server systems, including the implementation of both client programs and servers
Организация работы программ с базами данных
Organization of work of programs with databases, OLTP and OLAP systems, CAD, medical PACS systems based on the DICOM-protocol
Программирование web-приложений и web-сервисов
Programming of web-applications and web-services of various degrees of complexity
Создание приложений для мобильных устройств
Developing applications for mobile devices, parallel programming
Программирование трехмерной графики
Programming 3D graphics (3D modeling and 3D printing)
From idea to supporting
We developing technologies and software
based on this technologies from the scratch
От идеи
До поддержки
In our technological base
Использование современных возможностей микропроцессоров таких, как SSEx и Multicore
Using modern capabilities of microprocessors such as SSEx and Multicore
Rapid Application Development
Rapid Application Development
The concept of rapid development of graphic applications, including prototyping
Cтандартные функциональные компоненты повторного использования
Standard functional components of reuse (internationalization, logging, management of emergency failures, etc.)
Профилирование кода на различных уровнях
Code profiling at various levels: from scripts to machine instructions
Документирование дизайна
Documenting the design and creating help systems for applications
Автоматизированные сборка приложений
Automated assembly of applications, interactive and unit testing, evaluation of functional coverage, as well as continuous code integration
Создание сценариев развертывания приложений
Creating Application Deployment Scenarios
Поддержка пользователей с использованием системы управления рекламациями
Support for users with the help of the feedback management system
When the software
development services are required
  • Transfer of the activities of the IT unit for software development to the service of a specialized company (outsourcing)
  • A new specialized software solution is needed that is not available on the market, modification of the existing system or its transfer to new technologies
  • Creation of new automated (or modernization of old manual) business processes of the company with the use of an integrated software package
  • Expansion of functionality, used software based on its internal program interface (API)
what is your benefit
  • Concentration of efforts on the core business
  • Elimination of expenses for hiring and maintenance of non-core employees
  • Reducing the costs of non-core software development activities, as well as on business in general
  • Increasing the automation of your business processes
  • Reducing the risks of developing inefficient IT solutions
  • Getting portable and fast applications built using modern cross-platform technologies
  • Qualified technical support
  • Great discounts for long-term collaboration
Technologies of development
  • Operating systems: Window, Linux, Android, MacOS
  • Request management system: Request Tracker
  • Development systems: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, QT Creator
  • Source code control systems: SVN, CVS, GIT
  • Automated testing systems: Selenium, AutoHotKey
  • System of continuous integration of code: Jenkins (automatic assembly, testing, generation of testing protocols and code coverage)
  • Prototyping and design systems: Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, QT Creator
  • Application scenario building systems: NSIS, QT Installer FrameWork
  • Code documentation system: DOXYGEN
Более 10 лет специализации в области компьютерных технологий
More than 10 years of specialization in computer technology
Опыт реализации проектов мирового уровня
Experience in implementing world-class projects
Реализация крупных проектов и удаленная разработка
Implementation of large projects and remote work
Дипломированные эксперты с научными степенями
Certified experts with scientific degrees
Преподаватели по совместитеству в различных ВУЗах
Lecturers in different universities
Operating systems MS Windows, Linux, MacOS, QNX, Android, S60, Free BSD, Sun Solaris
Programming languages C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Assembler, Object Pascal, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Perl , Unix shell, SQL, T-SQL, PL-SQL
Markup languages DOM, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, VRML
Databases Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL Server, PostgreSQL, RDBMS Linter SQL, Firebird, SQLine
Development tools Request Tracker, Wiki, SVN, GIT, CVS, Doxygen, Cmake, GNU make, nmake, Visual Studio6..2015, Eclipse, QtCreator, CYGWIN, MSYS, QT Framework, Intel Vtune, Performance Analyzer, NuMega TrueTime, Intel C Compiler, Wacom C, Sun Java SDK, Install Shield, PLSQL Devoloper, NSIS, Rational Rose
Technologies STL, Boost, OpenGL, DirectX, COM, DICOM, .NET, MFC, WIN32 API, WinInet, QT, NetWork: TCP/IP (Winsock/Unix Sockets), DB API, ODBC, JDBC, ADO, GWT, Data Warehousing (ETL, MS DTS/SSIS, SSAS), CALL interfaces
Software MS Office, MS Visio, OpenOffice, telnet, MS IIS, Apache Web Server, Lotus Notes6.0, Power Designer, Inkscape, GIMP blender
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