Our vision to collaboration

  • 1.We study the activities of the customer, analyze and formalize business processes, identify bottlenecks in the company's work, collect information about the customer's product (service)
  • 2.Together with the customer, we develop a Statement of Work (SoW), which includes a description of the upcoming tasks, as well as a preliminary design work plan, based on the information received in stage 1
  • 3.We select the starting project team from among the appropriate specialists
  • 4.We make a valuation of the forthcoming work on SoW
  • 5.We make the coordination of contractual obligations with the customer and sign all necessary documents
  • 6.We develop the project in accordance with the SoW and stage by stage deliver it to the customer
  • 7.We are finalizing the project, and if necessary providing further technical support

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