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Inobitec DICOM Viewer
Inobitec DICOM viewer More
Visualizer of medical DICOM-data obtained from various equipment (modality), for analysis of their various spatial reconstructions (2D, 3D, Dynamic 3D, MPR, MIP and others). The "Viewer" is installed on diagnostic workstations, usually a computer with medical equipment connected to it (for example, a scanner or ultrasound machine) and can be integrated with the PACS (archiving and data transfer system). Currently, Inobitec DICOM Viewer is available only in the desktop version, the Web version of the product in the active development stage.
Last version
Last update 11.10.2019
Inobitec DICOM Server
Inobitec DICOM server More
The software DICOM server (PACS) is developed for archiving, online access, transfer of images (studies), received from various DICOM equipment, installed in the hospital.
Last version
Last update 15.10.2019
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